Walt Kulwicki Biography

Guitarist, vocalist, and co-songwriter Kulwicki is a musician who has been performing for well over 45 years. And in that time, he has played with some giants in the music industry.

Of course, being on stage a few years ago with such talent as Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Bo Diddley, members of The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Blackfoot was nothing new to Kulwicki. Even as a child – at the tender age of 9 – he played with the Kingston Trio, and again at 14 when the band played in Turin, Italy. Not bad for a youngster who got his first guitar at age 6 and took his first lesson when he was 8. He began playing parties, dances & bars in South New Jersey when he was 14.

His early bands played cover and original music, and opened for groups such as  Steppenwolf, Kix, Three Dog Night, Anthrax, John Mellencamp and more.

Since that time, he has shared the stage with many greats, including Bo Diddley, Les Dudek, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Feat, Molly Hatchet, Bob Margolin, .38 Special & Eddie Money.

He is also a studio guitarist who has played on more than 50 CDs, commercials and movie soundtracks for artists from around the world.

His early influences include Duane Allman, Steve Morse, Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher, Jimmy Page, and Lowell George.

Kulwicki, a founding member of Those Guys (St. Augustine FL), enjoys both solo and the band’s performances. “I like to play as a solo, duo,  trio, and as a full band acoustic, but also electric too,” he said. “It’s like playing in two or three different bands. I can play in a restaurant one night and a big concert stage the next night.”

And he likes an audience that’s tuned in to the group’s music. “The crowd definitely drives me. I’d rather play for 20 people who care than 20,000 who don’t,” Kulwicki said.   

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