Wow! What a month (or two)!

August 1, 2014 in Those Guys Blog by Walt Kulwicki

We’ve been so lucky to have so many great guests onstage with THOSE GUYS in the recent past……J.R. Roberts @ Mardi Gras, Barry Rapp @ Cliff’s & Oasis (& more special shows to come…..) Dewey Via @ Trade Winds, Jody Stratton @ JTs, Jim Essery & Joe Moody@ Trade Winds…..the list seems endless & really flattering that such great artists enjoy joining us onstage! Plus, there is some great videos of some of these performances on Facebook and YouTube. We are always asking those fans to post them and we try our best to post them to the new website.

By the way, what’s your opinion of the new website? We think it’s very representative of where the band’s place in the world is right now….  However, your input and opinions are always welcome (& will not be “deleted” unless we find it hateful or vulgar).             We have our new “” shirts in both Black w/White logo and White w/Blk logo in many different styles & sizes. Check out the “Store” page for pics of our SWAG. We also want to say we take cash AND plastic @ our gigs, and offer youi a “buy one get 2nd @ discount” deal!

PS: There will be many more special gigs featuring TGs with “Special Guests” coming in the near future! Stay tuned!